What's Your Fizz Face?

A live brief with Wild Fizz Kombucha.

Brief: Create a launch campaign to emphasise that Wild Fizz is a sustainable and natural product with its own personality that diffrentiates from its competitors. Also drive traffic to http://wildfizzkombucha.com/ 

Insight: Wild Fizz Kombucha is all about how they make the customer feel.

Outcome: A campaign that showcases just how fantastic Wild Fizz Kombucha makes you feel when you drink it, this is communicated through people's facial expressions.

Software: Photoshop



To compliment the fun and colourful visual language of Wild Fizz Kombucha, I crafted a playful tone of voice for What's Your Fizz Face! This narrative runs through the HMTL newsletter and even the captions for Wild Fizz's social media.


HMTL Newsletter

The founder of Wild Fizz Kombucha requested a HTML newsletter that drives traffic to Wild Fizz's website. As well as offering discounts and clearly stating where users can access the website, the newsletter incorporates Wild Fizz's product description and brand lingo with What's Your Fizz Face's? campaign copy.


Social Media

What's Your Fizz Face? visualised on Social Media on Wild Fizz Kombucha's channels. #whatsyourfizzface? is utilised to promote the campaign and boost interaction across different platforms.


Posters & Outdoor Advertising

What's Your Fizz Face? stripped back and visualised as posters and outdoor advertising.



A great way to drive traffic to Wild Fizz Kombucha's website, as well as promoting the brand, is to distribute coupons that offer a discount when used on the website!