Upside Down World

Brief: Connect with an unsigned recording artist to create a cultural narrative.

Insight: The Lebanese Civil War turned Marwan's life upside down. This naturally influenced his music. 

Concept: Portray Marwan's journey to escape the civil war in an upside down visual language. 

Software: Photoshop



Upside Down World relies on storytelling to convey Marwan's story. I approached the written elements of this project with an empathetic tone of voice. I also incorporated some of Marwan's music with the copy to amplify him as an artist.


Graphic Novel

Marwan's story as a musician is like no other - he is a civil war survivor. Through an interview conducted by my counterpart for this project, I collected the pinnacle moments of Marwan's life to create a graphic novel that tells his story.



Inspired by musician's merchandise that usually displays tour dates, I utilised this concept when designing t-shirts for Upside Down World. However, I added a twist by instead using pinnacle dates from Marwan's story paired with some of his song titles.


Outdoor Advertising

Upside Down World applied to outdoor advertising to drive traffic to iTunes to stream Marwan's music.



Upside Down World applied to Instagram where Marwan's story is being told chronologically through the grid. The stories feature is utilised to drive traffic to Marwan's songs on iTunes.


Apple Exhibition

As this unit was in collaboration with Apple, Upside Down World was exhibited in Apple's head offices in London. This exhibition took place on February 6th 2020. The curators selected early sketches of Upside Down World to be displayed.