The Hoomans - Hoo will you meet?

The Brief: Create a communication strategy that celebrates the experiences of the people that use The O2 Arena.

Insight: The O2 Arena is where lots of different people come together.

Outcome: The Hoomans - a campaign that features a collective of characters that represent the different types of people you can meet at The O2 Arena and the different experiences on offer there.

Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro & After Effects. 



As well as pushing for this campaign to be visually dynamic, it was equally as important for the copy to hit the nail on the head too. A lot of thought and consideration went into crafting catchphrases such as Hoo Will You Meet? and Create Your Yooman. Furthermore, as storytelling is the key component to this campaign, I had to ensure that the stories were interesting, humorous and empathic. However, my playful tone of voice that I love to have fun with, came through with The Hoomans' names and Instagram captions!



With the intent of being played on social media channels and the digital screens in and around The O2 Arena, I made 4 short animatics that tell the stories of the experiences that can be had at The O2 Arena.




If You Come Along to The O2...


Wanda & Barney


Onyx & Spike


The O2 Screens

On November 5th 2018, three animatics that I created with my partner for this project, were displayed on the digital screens in the Greenwich Peninsula, located outside of The O2 Arena. Our client, The O2, selected to play these animatics on the digital screen in this area.


Pillar Screens - 05/11/18


Mega Screen - 05/11/18



The Hoomans can be easily adapted to 3D objects due to their flat vector visual language. Below is The Hoomans campaign visualised on paper cups that can be used at The O2 (events and restaurants) and badges that are simple and fun merchandise for the campaign!



The Hoomans campaign can also do takeovers on objects that The O2 Arena distributes, such as tickets. The tickets below cover events and activities that are on offer at The O2 Arena.



Instagram is the perfect platform to delve into getting to know The Hoomans personalities and their quirks, and more importantly... finding out what they like to get up to at The O2 Arena!



We decided to visualise a Facebook page for The Hoomans too, as Facebook's location and events features work well with this concept.


Create Your Yooman

In terms of an interactive installation, I designed 'Create Your Yooman'. Visitors of The O2 Arena can created a hoomanised version of themselves! Below is an example of a user journey - the installation would be touch screen.