Celebrating non-conformists and free thinkers alike who use Dr Martens as a creative outlet.

Brief: Dr Martens are more than just 'tough'.

Insight: In the 80's women would customise their Dr Martens with florals.

Outcome: Panache, an online magazine and an Instagram campaign that celebrates Dr Martens being used as a creative outlet. 

Software; Photoshop, InDesign & Premiere Pro.


Creative Writing & Copy Writing

Dr Martens and spoken word poetry share the same values; fervid self expression, speaking up and speaking out, and being relentlessly authentic. As a keen writer, and poetry being a form of creative self expression, this piqued my curiousity to incorporate the two in Panache. The pieces below are inspired by photographs that I took of women wearing Dr Martens. They are featured in Docs, Cool Shots & Poetry - section 1 of Panache.

Including poetry in this campaign allowed me to utilise my creative and experimental flare when it comes to writing. But my copywriting in this campaign was still playful, charismatic and emphatic. As this was a solo project, I also had the task of proof-reading and editing any written content in this project. 


Online Magazine - Check out the first issue of Panache here!

In the online magazine for Panache, there are three main features that demonstrate how Dr Martens can be used as a creative outlet; ‘Docs, Cool Shots & Poetry’, ‘Lush Laces’ and ‘Customised Docs’. I planned the features for Panache by extensively researching into how women over the years have got creative with their Dr Martens. I wanted the DIY/hand-made theme to run through to the aesthetic of the online magazine so I designed it to look like a scrapbook.


Women are told from when they are children and throughout their adulthood what they should and shouldn’t wear. During my research I even discovered that some people strongly oppose women wearing Dr Martens as they are deemed as a typically ‘masculine’ boot. My target audience for this campaign are 18-35 year old women who may be afraid to wear Dr Martens as they feel that they’re too old to wear them or they’ve been told that DM footwear is too ‘tough looking’ or too ‘masculine’. Throughout this magazine I emphasise that there is no specific mould of a Dr Martens wearer.


Instagram Campaign - Check out the Instagram page here @panache.drmartens!

I ran an Instagram campaign for Panache to connect with Dr Martens devotees and to showcase the campaign and online magazine further. I promoted posts, ran polls, strategically used hashtags and crafted captions with a consistent tone of voice to boost engagement and impressions. I also scheduled my posts to grow the Instagram account.


Outdoor Advertising

What Panache would look like as a poster outside.