We are 906

It's no secret that Covid-19 affected many aspects of our lives... including my undergraduate degree show! However, this didn't stop me and my fellow classmates on my Advertising & Branding course...

Brief: Create an accessible degree show that will showcase Advertising & Branding student's work and encourage networking. 

Insight: The three words that best describe our course are restless, evolving and collective. 

Outcome: We are 906, a mobile degree show that toured the streets of London and left behind fragments of our magic!



We are 906 comprised of 5 small teams that worked on specific elements of the degree show; publication, copy, brand design, social media and events. 

I collaborated with two other copywriters on the team to craft emotive copy and a consistent tone of voice for We are 906. 



Based off of the three words that best describe the personality of our course as a collective, the copy team crafted a manifesto. The manifesto tells the story of 906 over the course of three years.



The manifesto was also incorporated into a showreel that showcased student's work. The showreel was displayed on a digital ad-van that passed through various hot spots in London. The digital ad-van acted as a digital exhibition so that student's work could get exposure, what a traditional degree show would usually offer. 


Sorry You Missed Us

Iconic landmarks aside, the ad-van also passed by multiple creative agencies in London. Due to Covid-19 everyone was out of office! Written by the copy team, we left behind a card heavily inspired by missed delivery cards. The cards promoted We are 906 as a campaign and encouraged agencies to explore our website and print publication.


Social Media

To ensure the tone of voice of We are 906 was consistent across all platforms, the copy team also crafted the captions for the social media campaign that promoted our degree show.