Skin 2 Skin

Brief: Fight for diverse representation and empowerment in sex for disabled people.

Insight: People with disabilities often find that reading erotic literature can help spark the imagination as well as the libido. 

Concept: A campaign that celebrates sex and disability through a fun and creative stimulant - short pieces of erotic literature that tells the real life experiences of people who have disabilities.

Software: InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop


Creative Writing

I decided to approach this brief with creative writing as words have no limits, and you can ensure diversity when writing creatively. I collected a lot of research on sex and disability; I did this through interviews, reading articles, watching documentaries and also watching Youtube videos. Doing extensive research not only inspired me to write about sex and disability confidently, but to also be empathetic, mature and accurate. Furthermore, I studied different ways to describe skin tones and body parts, such as amputated limbs. Though the pieces of writing themselves are erotic in nature, I purposely didn't make them overly explicit, as I wanted there to be a sense of ambiguity and wonder for the reader.



I wanted Skin 2 Skin to have a powerful campaign manifesto that really pushes for the diverse representation and empowerment agenda.



Skin 2 Skin features four short passages that talk about different disabilities, sexualities and sexual scenarios.



From each of the four passages I derived a short poem. I created poem versions of the passages so that Skin 2 Skin would have different versions of the written pieces depending on the channel. This was inspired by writer Raymond Carver, who also used different formats and versions to convey the same idea/story.



I decided to use Instagram as a channel for this campaign as I wanted to utilise the grids for the poems and manifesto, and the highlights feature for the passages. In the bio I also linked the Youtube channel for Skin 2 Skin.


Spoken Word

I know that not everyone likes to read, so I created spoken word audio versions of the passages and poems. I decided to use Youtube for this.


All & a half of me // spoken word poem


All & a half of me // spoken word passage


At the end of the day // spoken word poem


At the end of the day // spoken word passage


Outside of the box // spoken word poetry


Outside of the box // spoken word passage


Your Chair // spoken word poem


Your Chair // spoken word passage


Underground Advertising

Sex and disability is something that people don't talk about - people with disabilities are often seeing as non sexual beings. I wanted the passages to be seen in a public place so this subject matter can't be ignored. Plus it will give people something to read whilst they're waiting for the tube!


Bus Stop Advertising

I applied the manifesto, poems and passages to bus top advertising as well for the same intention.


Press Release

I created a press release for the launch of the campaign Skin 2 Skin. Durex currently don't have a space on their website where sex and disability is discussed, so a press release about this topic is a great gateway. The press release itself discusses the background of the campaign, the issue, the solution and where it can be accessed!


Poetry Event

I designed posters, wristbands and a stage for an event hosted by Skin 2 Skin. The event is called 'A Night Full of Pleasure & Poetry'. This event would have poets and speakers who celebrate sex and disability through spoken word pieces.